The core values in your company. What are they?

Flexibility and Adaptability (F&A) have been 2 daggers which metaphorically killed some of my best technical candidates during their interview by employers in the last months. The situation frustrated them as much as it frustrated myself. It got us thinking that maybe the HR people (on the contrary) were in need of exactly that: to show more flexibility and adaptability to the people in front of them. 

On this corona-pandemic “occasion”, pardon my saying, the focus shifted from the candidate to the employer/HR people. Some companies have chosen to let some people go, some did everything in their power to set up some remote-work friendly functional networks. F&A proven! 

F&A with reference to human relationships – interviews and feedbacks 

The biggest challenge now for the HR people can be regarded also as a second chance given, regarding their relationship with the candidates.

HR is about human to human. You fail in the HR chapter if you make assumptions! Make it work. HR people should not pretend they are good listeners and should not ask tricky questions based on an inside-reference-system. It is like judging a candidate for things they say, out of the context. 

HR people should give direct feedback to the candidates, not behind their backs! 

They should show people how they really think about them. The candidates have been imploring them for feedback all the time, on every channel, they need to know the reason they did not get the job.  Surely the candidates will appreciate an honest answer than the vague-formal-rejection protocols thrown at them.

F&A with reference to human relationships – recruiting methods

Endorsements are a very powerful instrument. 

Think about that. Endorsements got a lot of people hired as it got a lot of people MOSTLY not hired. An obsolete feedback (a few years back) is taken for granted for a new chance of hiring that same person. Any way you look at it, this is wrong!! 

F&A with reference to human relationships – personal value 

HR people ought to think about the value that the candidates can bring to the company they recruit for. More importantly focus on what the company needs.

 You can’t have everything in one package technical + senior + very flexible/adaptable → it is a violation of the fact of being a senior in the first place. Seniors, yes sure they need to be flexible up to a point but no more than a less-experienced employee. 

F&A with reference to HR people- personal value

We all hope that the new HR people should become open and transparent with the candidates from day1. From my experience, a senior candidate(=expert) in a particular field will refuse the job before the HR people assume he is not flexible and adaptable enough.  Seniors are not called seniors for nothing, they have intuition. In conclusion if the candidates are asked to show more flexibility and adaptability then you should be more flexible and adaptable in order to pay them extra! –>for mentorship/coaching (positive approach) or do their tasks also, in a more “realistic” approach “do your colleagues work also”. 

F&A with reference to human relationships – control 

In the end I stress that the biggest challenge for most of the HR people from now on will be to let go of being such control freaks (or useless cops in busy traffic jams as I like to think about them) which they are most of the time.

Everywhere around the internet the employees have shown that they’ve managed a great balance between their household chores and work duties during these troubled times. They all deserve a “time-management” graduation diploma for how they have  supposedly been handling the situation during these months and above all for rendering the team leader roles irrelevant→ but this is another topic for another time;)

What is expected from the HR people from now on would be to show their worth. 

What is honestly the value that HR people bring to a company? 

Value: be present (but not only to dress nicely), good listener (actually listen), clear communicator (make sure everybody understands his/her role in the team), peace-maker (hear all parts and mediate), match-maker (got a new role opened, careful about bringing outsiders to the team/ be flexible about giving chances to the team members first), influencer (telling your team leaders whom they should bring to the team, or not?).