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  • R&D mechanics

  • Designing with plastics, die cast zinc parts, milled & turned parts
  • Designing of mechanisms (circular connector specific)
  • Cable sizing
  • Sealing concept for the parts according to specific IPXX class
  • Mechanical design of the PCB
  • Using specific R&D tools for development: DFMEA, DFM, decision matrix, risk analysis.
  • POC (proof of concept) with RP parts (3D printed parts metal & plastic & rubber)
  • Tolerance analysis
  • FEA model preparation and data interpretation
  • Body In White

  • Designing of assembly stations according to client specifications
  • Poka-Yoke studies
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Design taking into consideration ergonomics factors
  • Working with standard components databases (Norelem, CADENAS, B2B Parts Community, Trace Parts)
  • Preparing the assembly station for process simulation.
  • Designing the assembly station with safety features
  • Designing the assembly stations with access to maintenance
  • Industrial Engineering

  • Development of soldering equipment for the automotive sector
  • Creating equipment and process specifications in relation to product and process specifications
  • Complete project flow from process concept till handing over to serial production
  • Usage of specific tools for process development and problem solving: PFMEA, Cpk studies, LEAN manufacturing concepts, DOE, 5 WHY analysis, Root cause analysis.
  • Cost reduction projects responsible
  • Audit preparation
  • Embedded Software programming

  • Microcontroller architecture
  • Embedded firmware programming/testing
  • System Architecture/Technical project management

  • Hardware Design

  • Electrical design
  • PCB design
  • Harness Design
  • Testing & Validation
  • Automate / Test / Control
  • Hardware Development

  • Batteries – Li-ion up to 800 Vdc
  • Sensors
  • Power supply
  • DC to DC converter
  • DC to AC inverter
  • AC to DC rectifiers
  • ECU – Electronic Control Unit
  • ESC for BLDC motor – Electronic Speed Controller
  • BCM – Body Control Unit
  • Electric generator, etc.
  • Electrical engineering

  • Low Voltage design
  • Cables sizing
  • Circuit breakers, bus bars
  • Electrical cabinets design
  • Transformer dimensioning, etc.
  • Residential design & automation
  • PHEV powertrain
  • Range extender
  • Solar UPS – solar system for off grid/on grid applications
  • Industrial Automation

  • Choose sensors
  • Choose sensor modules
  • PLC setup
  • Create software

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