The Hiring Process - a Chain Reaction

Have you ever wondered what the life cycle of a top performer might be inside an organization?

For them there is a time of approval and a time of rejection. Numbers don’t count except when you build your reputation on them. 

  • Hire the top performer because/when needed, in order to put your organization on a strong hold
  • Make the top performer produce 
  • Exhaust and prevent the top performer from producing too much of their own self
  • Get rid of the top talent because/when you have strength in numbers 

As a recruiter, conscient about the efforts my candidates put into investing into their professional change /which means by all means that it is time for them to advance, to progress, to move on to better perspectives, it is hard to grasp and digest the fact that after getting them successfully hired the employer fails to retain them. Reasons for failing to retain your employees – I tackle this subject later-on. 

I could never understand the hiring process approach when it comes to Investing in recruiting top talent and then letting the following happen. A 3- 6 month for the employer to be doing this:

  1. Hunt down the competitors’ performers (free of charge/your recruiter works on a success fee)- different subject I will tackle later -on.
  2. Torment the above – performers with tests and interviews /repeat the process,
  3. Stretch their nerves in 3h long eventually final interviews;
  4. Squeeze the life out of them in order to accept your offer which you make sure to be higher than the counter-offer of the present employer, since you know there will be costs on the performers’ side; 
  5. You give them assignments.
  6. You pour in more assignments on top of a bunch of assignments, you charge them on 
  7. Down the road you relax the hiring process and populate the organization with lower speed performers (I am being nice and polite) giving more assignments to your top employees.
  8. The overstretched top performer breaks loose the moment they raise their heads from the desk to see they lost ground and see the mess in the work environment.
  9. The work environment aka the battlefield:  amputations of opinions, the silent parade of cohorts of cowards, more amputations of principles and more spectators.
  10.  fire– ings , resignation(s) 


As a recruiter, conscient about the efforts the hiring companies make in order to build themselves on the shoulders of, and develop by the help of top talent (including recruiters), to see how they ALLOW such a considerable drop of their hiring standards to happen, is to assist to a suicide. 

As a recruiter, conscient about my efforts regarding the sourcing and head hunting of top performers for your organization, when/because needed,  to follow you in time, to check on you  only to see that you did not manage to grow, to change, to become better through your top performers, is to suffer, to see my work destroyed. 

I will support and mend the people, where you some company failed, and put my faith in the next company, while keeping on raising my standards to make more companies like the first kind (I say this for whom it matters) seem irrelevant in the long run.

Cristina Manaila ,CEO brightANTITY