The fake sound of progress

 There are many companies praising their founding fathers whom they considered to be experts, people of extraordinary creativity and spirit, the kind of people that really leave a big footprint on the world, in a good way, but do not cast a huge shadow so that nothing will grow under it. 

Such companies always show that they rely on the experts, that they are highly skilled people, people who must continue the development and contribute to the progress of the company. This is something that any founder of a company must look for in a certain type of people. People that will inspire others, people that will act like role models. People that do not want to be the ‘’forever average and stable yes – man’’.

 But what if with time, the company starts to shift it’s idea of progress towards more modern ways of management? What if the new waves of managers are starting to move away from the core values implying that progress means also changing the philosophy of the company?  Many companies did it with success, others not and many took on the fake progress path just because it’s more convenient. 

 The companies that will choose the more convenient path will go nowhere fast and will face a dark future, that will cost them people and money altogether. A company that  means ‘’progress’’ but in fact is going in another direction, can be identified by these aspects: 

  • Trying to level all the employees. Trying to average the experts also, because they can point out through their work the fact that there are the ones that just simulate performance. Yes, it’s true! Because an expert will never attract the lazy and an expert through his work and dedication makes an indirect ‘’pointing finger’’;
  • High personnel fluctuations – employee retaining looks pretty bad;
  • Too much, way too much emphasis on phrases like ‘’we don’t need specialists. They cost too much. We will hire people that have a good character and we will teach them skills.’’ But nobody asks who will be the teacher when the specialists no longer need it.
  • Encouragement of bad work ethics based on the neo feudal relationship that was created based of the ‘’friendships and family- like feeling’’;
  • Closing down the growth opportunities of your own employees and getting management from the outside of the company;
  • Many, many soft skill trainings just to fill the yearly training quota;
  • When your experts will become quiet then you will know that your progress has ended and your regress is starting.

If you find yourself working in such a company, or you see these signs it means that your organisation is taking steps towards failure. The thing is that you have a choice: accept and become average or try to find another company. You can try to fight that ‘’change’’ but most of the time you will find yourself alone holding the fort. Think about this: your time and health are more important than fighting a losing battle. 

Companies that choose that path are doomed to mediocrity and they only shine through the fake sound of progress. 

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