For any recruitment need we have a solution

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We offer you the best solutions for your recruitment, matching, coaching, market research, employer branding needs. If you are a hiring company who is searching for skilled specialists. If you are a specialist looking for your next big project.


  • Hire skills when available - matching

    We have an available talent pool of specialists with an engineering and tech background who need to get access to your job opportunities. If you need to fill in a middle-senior, executive role, come to us first. We have 10.000 potential candidates for your open positions. If you want to fill in your mid-senior & top management vacancies don't miss out on great talent! Call us today!

  • Talent acquisition/market research

    This requires time and we know that TIME is your worst enemy. We find and attract specialists in your place, based on market analytics, customer profile, sourcing strategy, talent matching, relationship building. Let us source for you! We are not just a supplier. We are an ally. We will help you build a strategy in a competitive field and attract the suitable talent for your organization. We build our work on mutual respect, trust, fair-play.

  • End-to-end recruitment

    We identify and attract specialists, build for you a pool of fitting candidates, do screenings, and interviews. We provide end-to-end recruitment solutions based on a targeted head-hunt!

  • Custom-made plans

    We build custom-made plans for your needs! We listen first and act second! If you struggle to hire, grow your company, or retain an employee we give you assistance all the way by offering best practice examples. If you want to fill in your mid-senior & top management vacancies don't miss out on great talent! Call us today!

  • Business development for freelancers and very small software development companies

    If you are an IT freelancer looking to improve on your sales technique you landed in the perfect place. We are happy to share with you tips and leads for your next successful development projects.

  • HR goes hand in hand with Commercial real estate services

    In partnership with Busy Borkers we offer brokerage services, real estate consultancy services and business advice for real estate developers, land and commercial property owners, investors and companies active in the following sectors: industrial & logistics, retail, office, land and investment property

We are different!

brightANTITY is about the essential things, moving fast, delivering success! 

#1 Matcher for Tech roles in R&D and IT centers. We offer genuine professional recruitment solutions.

Our role: to match your niche roles with the best suited candidates.