React JS front-end developer

full-time employee/fully remote

Job Description

Employer: a large company providing worldwide commerce solutions for a wide range of industries

Vacant Role: ReactJS developer for front-end. Projects: work on web-built products, where a lot of integrations are needed.

Who would be a fit


Someone in the first working years, who has a good attitude towards learning, adaptable to remote team work, fluent in English. You will help the team with the frontend part. You have a versatile skill-set (node js, react js &redux, angular) the roles in the team are interchangeable. Your focus should be on what is delivered therefore they go flexible on the work program.

Technical skills & Role
  • You know HTML, CSS, JavaScript; usage of popular grid systems (e.g. bootstrap, foundation);
  • You know modern JS libraries: React JS & Redux;
  • You know API endpoints & data renderings + version control systems;
  • Maybe experience with Typescript (would be nice);
  • You will build, validate and maintain web page templates from supplied PSD or wireframe layouts using clean, lightweight, semantic code that adheres to current Web Standards;
  • You will write cross-browser HTML and CSS.

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