Quality engineer

full-time role/Buftea

Job Description

Employer: European company, new investor. Industry type: production /assembly in EliPark4/Buftea

Vacant Role: a quality responsible for the daily operations of quality controls, product inspections and document control (on the factory floor).


Profile / Level of experience

 • A Quality or Mechanical Engineer with more or less 2 or 3 years of experience who has had contact with quality processes ISO9001 and ISO14001 (the 14001, given the specificity and our client’s real needs, is not a must!);
• Academic background in Quality Engineering, Production Engineering, or a related field;
• Knowledge of production processes, quality control, and continuous improvement;
• Excellent communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively with other areas of the organization;
• Results-oriented mindset, with a focus on efficiency and analytical skills to monitor performance indicators;
• Knowledge of quality standards and regulations applicable to the industrial sector;
• Fluency in English.

Role / Responsibilities

• Implement quality (ISO 9001) and environmental (ISO 14001) policies and procedures to ensure that products meet or exceed established quality and environmental standards.
• Conduct audits, regular inspections, and quality controls to ensure product compliance with quality standards and applicable regulations.
• Collaborate with other teams, such as production, engineering, and logistics, to ensure the efficient integration of quality activities with the rest of the organization.
• Monitor and analyze performance metrics related to quality and implement process continuous improvement and corrective measures when necessary.
• Promote a culture of quality and excellence throughout the organization.

Work environment and benefits

  • Become part of a dynamic team that values collaboration, creativity, and a results-oriented mindset; 
  • Supportive work environment that encourages professional growth and offers opportunities for career advancement;                                                                                    Salary+
  • Meal Allowance / workday: 30,00 RON;
  • Holiday Voucher (50% Gross salary);
  • Christmas Voucher (50% Gross salary);
  • Performance Bonus (to be defined);
  • Private Medical Insurance Package (to be defined).

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