mid-senior PHP Developer

on-site / Sibiu / during the pandemic remote work

Job Description

Employer: IT company in Sibiu, specialized in the development of CRM applications, in-house products, new product development

Vacant Role: sw developer development team


Level of experience/Your role
  • You understand firsthand the functionalities of the software solutions;
  • You can assimilate right away new information;
  • Medium-advanced knowledge of PHP & MySql programming;
  • Medium-advanced knowledge of JavaScript/jQUERY/AJAX;
  • Medium-advanced knowledge of HTML și CSS;
Technical skills required for the job
  • Applications development using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript/jQUERY/AJAX;
  • Database creation using SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL;
  • Functionalities using jQuery & other libraries;
  • Design execution using bootstrap.

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