Javascript Developer (node js)

remote/full-time employment/remote Romania

Job Description

Employer: Global web development company providing IT solutions in cloud, Experts in ecommerce and cloud computing

About the role: You ‘ll work in the API part in Node.js about 50-60% of the time, and the rest of the time would be the web interface part, but there are only AngularJS hooks (so code JavaScript).                                                                        The company doesn’t have HTML/CSS (or rather they do but they rarely have work there). In the rest, there are configuration items and if you are curious more in the back-end, there are also portions with SQL.                                      They have a Cypress based deployment that has been started but it’s just at the beginning, most of the tests done so far were in Protractor, but the intention is to go further on Cypress.                                                                                                      Actively participate in the development process with ownership of several components within the overall architecture, collaborating with other technical experts to develop world class solutions.  


You are a match if
  • You have 2years at least working experience as software developer, 
  • Higher education in Computer Science, 
  • You have Linux user experience,
  • You have Javascript experience with at least one unit-testing framework: Karma, Jasmine, Chai, etc,
  • You have experience with one automated testing framework: Selenium,
  • You can analyze complex distributed software architectures,
  • You understand the test-driven development,
  • You have experience using CI/CD methodology (continuous integration, continuous deployment),
  • You know fluent English.
Your role
  • Design, implement and enhance the Web UI and API layers of the application,
  • Contribute in code review sessions,
  • Attend regular Agile Scrum meetings including daily standup,
  • Collaborate with your team in delivering new features and enhance the existing ones,
  • End to end test of developed features,
  • Ensure proper test coverage for your features at unit level and higher,
  • Support a live customer base, analysing issues across the technology stack,
  • Provide clear documentation for developed features.

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