Financial Manager (CFO)

full-time/on-site/Mures county

Job Description

Employer: Manufacturing  company

Vacant Role: Financial manager (top of a department of 6 accountants). 


Profile / Level of experience

  • Higher specialised studies in the financial – accounting field;
  • Knowledge of financial – accounting legislation;
  • Experience in the financial – accounting field (minimum 10 years);
  • Very good knowledge of Word, Excel;
  • Knows how to work in an ERP;
  • Very good knowledge of the English language;
  • Experience in relations with fiscal authorities;
  • Proactive attitude and team spirit;
  • Shows Initiative and an Entrepreneurial thinking;
  • Works independently, complies within deadlines;
  • Availability to work a flexible schedule;
  • Ability to learn and assimilate new information.

Role / Responsibilities

  • Supervises the payroll activity  
  • Responsible for the organisation and efficient development of the company’s financial-accounting activity in accordance with the legal provisions in force;
  • Ensures the organisation and efficient management of the company’s patrimony in full integrity, in accordance with the legal provisions in force and with the company’s internal rules or regulations;
  • Organises the accounting of capital operations, accounting of fixed assets, of stocks, of third parties, of the treasury, of the expenses, of the revenues and results, of commitments and other patrimonial elements, management accounting in accordance with the legislation in force;
  • Oversees that the accounting principles and patrimony evaluation (prudence, permanence of methods, continuity of activity, independence of exercise, intangibility of the opening balance sheet, non-compensation) are followed;
  • Prepares the works for closing the financial-accounting exercise, the inventory operations of the patrimony, following the way of valorizing the results of the inventory;
  • Responsible for the correct and timely recording, in writing, at the time of its execution, in supporting documents of any operation that affects the company’s patrimony and for the chronological and systematic recording in the accounting record of the supporting documents in accordance with the legal provisions in force;
  • Ensures and is responsible for the timely fulfilment of the company’s obligations towards the state budget and third parties in accordance with the legal provisions in force;
  • Prepares the verification balance according to the terms established by the legislation in force;
  • Performs the financial and accounting analysis based on the balance sheet, and then presents it to the board of directors and, respectively, to the general assembly of associates;
  • Delivers monthly and annual reports to the Group, according to company policies;
  • Prepares the income and expenditure budget.

Work environment and benefits

  • Fixed salary + a 13th salary;
  • Relocation bonus if it is the case;
  • 14th , and 15th salary (to be explained at the interview)
  • Fidelity bonus (to be explained); 
  • Quality bonus (to be explained);
  • Meal vouchers;
  • Non financial benefits (medical insurance, gym abo, modern work conditions).

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