SQL developer

fulltime employment/remote Romania

Job Description

Employer: Global web development company providing IT solutions in cloud, Experts in ecommerce and cloud computing

About the role: actively participate in the development process with ownership of several components within the overall architecture, collaborating with other technical experts to develop world class solutions.


You are a match if
  • You have SQL (PostgreSQL 9.x or later experience +2 years),
  • You have Linux user experience,
  • You have a degree in Computer Science,
  • You are able to analyze complex distributed software architectures,
  • You are familiar with agile methodology,
  • You understand the test-driven development,
  • You have experience using CI/CD methodology(continuous integration, continuous deployment),
  • You have very good English skills
Your role
  • Design and implement new features and enhancements related to the Application data model, business logic and configuration layers,
  • Integrate support for new network and hardware features,
  • Contribute in code review sessions,
  • End to end test of developed features,
  • Ensure proper test coverage for your features at unit level and higher,
  • Attend regular Agile Scrum meetings including daily standup,
  • Support a live customer base, analysing issues across the technology stack,
  • Provide clear documentation for developed features.

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